*nix-style utilities http://dlom.cc/projects/djl-utils
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*nix-style utilities


  • A collection of simple, well-documented CLI tools that follow *nix conventions
  • Minimal external dependencies, statically compilable
  • Standalone applications -- if only one tool is required the source code for that tool alone need be distributed.

NOTICE (2021-04-24): The project is still at a very early stage and these goals have not yet been achieved, as they were not the original goals of the project (eg. compilation/build process currently produces a .deb file)


  • confirm: Prompt user for confirmation and report response via exit code
  • countdown: Start a countdown timer
  • gut: Wrap/simplify common git actions
  • line: Extract line(s) from stdin
  • pasta: Simple ssh-based pastebin
  • sign: Generate signature for current user
  • stopwatch: Start a stopwatch timer
  • suptime: System uptime in terms of seconds, minutes, hours or days
  • timestamp: Current date-timestamps in common formats
  • truthy: Test if input is true-adjacent