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Repository of the OpenBSD Webzine


Everything related to writing a new issue is under issues directory.

New issue

  • copy _template directory under a name like issue-X with X being the new issue number
  • delete the symlink current and recreate it with the new issue as the target


$ cd issues
$ cp -r _template issue-3
$ ln -fs issue-3 current

Edit an issue

  • cd into issues/current/ and edit files as needed
  • categories that are empty should be commented out using HTML comments
  • when you recreate the issues with make, the one in development is generated in ../dev/
  • use make test to automatically copy the current issue to /tmp/openbsd-webzine directory and open it in a web browser


Anyone can contribute by doing the following:

  • English proofreading
  • translation into other languages
  • content contribution

There are many ways to contribute - here is a list by order of preference (easier to handle):

  1. make an account on tildegit, fork the project, create a new branch with changes, and send us Pull Requests (it's easy once you get how this work - see "Git usage" below)
  2. make a local commit from a freshly updated cloned repository and use git format-patch to send an email to a contributor (currently solene) so your commit can be merged into the repository easily
  3. send a simple diff to a contributor
  4. open an issue
  5. speak on IRC / XMPP / email

What content?

For each issue we will try to write about these topics:

  • job offers related to OpenBSD (if any)
  • big changes landing in -current
  • syspatch and digest of package updates in -stable
  • interviews with developers or professionals using OpenBSD (if any)
  • tips about shell or OpenBSD
  • comments from readers
  • links to OpenBSD content
  • a piece of artwork
  • a few interesting links to social media

Git usage

Fork this project and clone your own fork, then add the upstream repo.

$ git clone
$ cd openbsd-webzine
$ git remote add upstream

Keep your fork sync with upstream.

$ git pull upstream main

You can now edit files.

At last, add modified files and commit:

$ git add issue-*/
$ git commit -m "message"
$ git push

You can now ask for your Pull Request to get merged.

How to translate

There is a first step to support multilanguage, I would prefer having at least one webzine issue translated in another language to enhance the support to see how we can do this even better.

For now, the steps to translate are:

  • pick a prefix for your language, like fr for French or de for German, I'll use fr in the example
  • make a fork of this repository on tildegit or clone locally and use git-format-patch to send me patches
  • in the directory issues/ you can find a directory per issue. In an issue directory run cat [0-9]*.html > fr_index.html to create a file from the English content
  • edit fr_index.html to do the translation in place
  • submit the new file

If you prefer, you can split the files as long as they all start with the language prefix.