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Utility for writing and managing gemini logs (gemlogs) and atom feeds without needing a cgi script.

After 0.2.0, I'm no longer having my personal configuration on master, but as I'm replacing it with placeholder data, it may have a conflict for this one upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dependencies: other than toot you really should have all these installed if you're on linux.

  • bash and all its goodies (duh)
  • perl
  • date
  • tr
  • sed
  • the toot cli — only if you're using the automatic mastodon toot functionality

To install:

  1. put it wherever you want and just add it to path
  2. make sure you modify make_globals() and build_entries() in the script to customize it to your gemlog.

To use:

  1. Write your post in .gmi format. The first header of any level on the page will be used as a title (it doesn't have to be on the first line). The script will detect any .gmi files that start with a number and assume they're blog posts. It'll display them in reverse alphabetical order, so I recommend to name your files like YYYY-MM-DD.gmi or YYYY-MM-DD-title-here.gmi so you get them sorted nicely in reverse chronological order.
  2. make sure you're in your gemlog directory then run gemlog.sh to build the index page and the atom feed
  3. if you want your atom feed to be accessible over the web as well as gemini, symlink the atom.xml file to your web server directory