A JS API for SpookVooper
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SpookVooper API Library

Library that is used to easily access the SpookVooper API.


We use ES6 modules, because CommonJS makes me want to cry. If anything returns a JSON object, you need to use it as an array.

Example Script:

import svAPI from "spookvooperapi";
let a;

// Get the balance of SpikeViper, and save it to a variable, then console.log it with a prefix
svAPI.eco.getBalance("2a0057e6-356a-4a49-b825-c37796cb7bd9", true).then(value => {
    a = value;
    console.log(`Spike's Balance: ${a}`);

The value variable is what the function returns as a result. It gets passed to the callback function where you can use it.

The wiki is getting worked on constantly, but it will take a while so in the meantime, you can use the inline wiki. To use this feature we recommend people use Visual Studio Code.

Supported Routes

We support all the routes. We even made some in premade.

  • Auth
  • User
  • Group
  • Eco
  • Premade