To-hit and damage calculator for Battletech: Alpha Strike
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A Lightweight Python Hit Arithmetic - ALPHA

A to-hit calculator and damage/heat tracker for Battletech: Alpha Strike.

Current Features

As of now, you can:

  • Set the following mech attributes on a per-mech basis:
    • Name
    • Size
    • Pilot Skill
    • Total Movement Modifier
    • Add multiple mechs
    • Query a list of mechs based on player name
    • Modify mech stats on demand

Upcoming Features

Next on the release docket:

  • Set mech armor and structure values
  • Set damage for each range bracket
  • Set heat scale
  • Set critical points
  • Run attack rolls to and against mechs

Core Features

Once those key things are taken care of, youll be able to:

  • Load multiple mechs from a local file
  • Load multiple mechs from an online source
  • Automatic critical calculations upon structure damage
  • Turn-based damage, so all pending effects are held in a buffer before they apply after all actions in a turn