Lightweight, KISS system to rebuild some git projects when they change.

Updated 5 months ago

The Intentional Journal of the Tildeverse

Updated 2 months ago

testing workflow with forks and pull requests

Updated 2 years ago

A Python version of the Mastermind guessing game.

Updated 9 months ago

Python Command Line Shell - A shell written in python

Updated 2 months ago

Shell 1 1

bring your own domain to tilde

Updated 2 years ago

TildeLinux new user skel files.

Updated 2 years ago

Python 0 1

a IRC PRIVMSG relay bot built with jess's ircrobots

Updated 3 weeks ago

Thunix system documentation

Updated 2 years ago

A deadly game of cat and marsupial in the land Down Under; the Mortal Wombat adventure game.

Updated 2 years ago

Simple compiled music-making language

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

An English to oulipo dictionary

Updated 7 months ago

straightforward gopher proxy

Updated 3 years ago


Updated 2 years ago

A format for sending IRC bitmaps inline.

Updated 2 years ago

Perl 0 1 - default user dir

Updated 5 months ago

Python 1 1 irc bot that generates expressions from grammars in ~/.tracery


Updated 4 months ago

Homemade IRC written in Python

Updated 2 years ago