165 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Solderpunk 265a69a6ed Document RC files. Closes #27. 7 months ago
Solderpunk 129c56c1d4 Fix another hasty cache hack bug. 11 months ago
Solderpunk ba0f707669 Ignore the cache when reloading a page. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 67f9c662b3 Add option to disable caching. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 545d5f917d Count cache hits in black box output. 11 months ago
Solderpunk f45630450f Make sure early terminations of _fetch_over_network happen via an exception, not by returning None. Factor out certificate handling interface. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 4e8f3dcd05 Fix variable name bug introduced by hasty hacking of cache system. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 08c60e202b Turn some magic numbers into constants. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 0f328141b9 Initial implementation of short-term caching. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 4d652e0fef Remove more transient client certificate stuff. 11 months ago
Solderpunk da8b6cc7f3 Visually distinguish non-Gemini links from Gemini links. 11 months ago
Solderpunk 969d3c1b18 Permit use of ~ in key/cert files. 11 months ago
Solderpunk e20ac17107 Stop treating transient client certificates as a special case. 12 months ago
Solderpunk d39cddcc84 Make default MIME handlers more generic. 12 months ago
Solderpunk 03be5bfebf Use proper handler resolution logic for the text/gemini case (so that settings for text/* can apply). 12 months ago
Solderpunk 72754114f4 Error out if a URL attempts to redirect to itself. 12 months ago
Solderpunk 1509f895f1 Rename handle_index handle_gemtext, for clarity. It should have been called handle_menu in VF-1 in the first place, anyway. 12 months ago
Solderpunk 4e634a539b Merge pull request 'Fix some bugs in the 'cert' UI' (#22) from govynnus/AV-98:bugfix-cert into master 12 months ago
govynnus 99e5ceec65 Fix some bugs in the 'cert' UI 12 months ago
Solderpunk ce834dd231 Use correct handler for text/gemini content. 12 months ago
Solderpunk 96cf8e13fe ACTUALLY fix time conversion bug as attempted in 76d7d, grumble, grumble... 1 year ago
Solderpunk 097458754e Bump version for development. 1 year ago
Solderpunk b972ca7d5d Release 1.0.1. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 76d7d23a2a Fix time conversion bug in blackbox command. 1 year ago
solderpunk afa67f40ae Merge pull request 'Standardize abbrevs formatting' (#19) from vee/AV-98:vee/abbrevs-formatting into master 1 year ago
Vee 3cf447cc3a Standardize abbrevs formatting 1 year ago
Solderpunk dfa1dd7fd0 Don't choke on non gopher/gemini/http(s) links. Closes #18. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 44ee42ba8a Check that a file exists before trying to delete it. Rare errors can cause code paths leading to attempted double deletion. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 9526c384db Bump version for development. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 9a80987587 Cut 1.0.0! 1 year ago
Solderpunk d7082d23e5 Add setup.py 1 year ago
Solderpunk be20eb4a50 Add docstrings for client cert methods. 1 year ago
Solderpunk c09ae60167 Flesh out README. 1 year ago
Solderpunk b8fa8233bc Support new status code 11. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 94cf54df18 Recognise quote line type. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 5331d5254d Update recognition of list item lines to match recent spec update. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 6306e4ef58 Do not strip non-breaking spaces from advanced line types. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 98dc9a96b4 Fill out LICENSE template! Closes #17. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 1bc6a69bb9 Permit use of ECDSA. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 8d7715ee4b Add dancek to contributors, sort contributors alphabetically. 1 year ago
solderpunk fd8ee5bfb7 Merge pull request 'Add gemini:// support directly to urllib.parse' (#16) from dancek/AV-98:simplify-urljoin into master 1 year ago
Hannu Hartikainen 9c82b63ff1 Add gemini:// support directly to urllib.parse 1 year ago
Solderpunk 2fd8fe919b Do not read more than the maximum number of bytes in a valid response header. 1 year ago
Solderpunk d5ed0c5d7a Don't crash when buggy servers send no header at all. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 08ce625575 Arglblargl *actually* fix redirects. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 34e97e4cf3 Fix redirect logic. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 5187e75566 Fix cross-domain redirect warning, and add cross-protocol redirect warning. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 088c415987 Make openssl binary calls compatible with LibreSSL. 1 year ago
Solderpunk 16dc7dc831 Cipher hardening. 1 year ago
Solderpunk fecd46378c Use current UTC time for comparison against certificate validity. Closes #14. Thanks, mozz! 1 year ago